CBD Misconceptions
Posted on June 5, 2023

As we all know, CBD is becoming more popular each and every day. We know the benefits CBD can provide for you, but there are many people who believe in the misconceptions of CBD. Some treat it as a harmful drug. There are others who are just scared because they don’t know what how they’ll “react” to CBD contact. We are here to provide clarity towards these myths and share how CBD can be beneficial for you.

The first myth to start off with is CBD gets you high. Well, that’s false! CBD improves your mood, but it is not a psychoactive. I can see why these get confused easily because CBD comes from the same plant family, Cannabis, that gives us marijuana. Their differences lie in the type and concentration of their active ingredients. CBD products primarily come from hemp, which has a high level of CBD and barely a trace of THC.

The next myth is CBD doesn’t cause side effects. This is somewhat true. CBD is generally considered safe from side effects. However, it can interact with medications. Remember, everyone’s body and metabolism are different. It’s okay to receive guidance under a physician before CBD contact. Knowing your medical history and the medicines you take gives you the ability to take a safe dose of CBD.

Lastly, many people think all CBD products provide the same results. Wrong! Try again. Every CBD product is different and can benefit your body in different ways. Our Hi-Performance CBD products focus on many different elements: pain relief, mood enhancing, muscle recovery, hair growth, skin care and more. The results also depend on the amount of CBD and potency in a product.

Now that you know more about the advantages of CBD, you can head over to our shop and order our high-quality CBD products! Let us know on our socials how our products helped you at @hiperformancecbd.


Source: Pacific Rheumatology


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